Custom Financial Solutions

What We Do

BBVI Provides Services in Seven Main Areas

Background of BBVI Consulting

BBVI is a highly experienced and successful  international consulting firm that excels in  international business development,  commodities brokerage, investment capital  deployment and technology consulting. The  firm specializes in helping enterprises of all  sizes create sustainable growth through  successful expansion into international markets.  We uniquely and successfully assist companies  in Central and South America, as well as others  abroad, in entering or expanding into markets  throughout Latin America, North America, Asia,  Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

What we Offer

We offer a range of global business solutions  that help companies succeed in international  markets including market analysis, new product  introduction, business development, risk  management, strategic partnering,  international lead generation, brand  development, private equity, mergers and  acquisitions, and investment banking consulting  services.

Where We are Located

BBVI Consulting is a privately held Limited  Liability Corporation with offices in Panama  City, Panama as well as Hong Kong. The company successfully  guides its clients in expanding  businesses opportunities and profit margins. With a network of strategic partners  across the globe, BBVI is available to assist in  growing your customer base and profits in international markets.

How We Operate

At BBVI Consulting, our highly experienced team  members work directly with our clients to deliver  unmatched strategic guidance and tactical execution.  Our proven methodologies employ hands-on strategic  business development and innovative marketing  solutions to endure that our clients have their business  objectives met completely, both domestically and  abroad. BBVI’s international team of professionals has  over 45 years of collective knowledge and expertise that  gives the company a unique advantage in providing  professional services to clients across a broad range of  industries. In addition to the depth of strategic and  operational experience, BBVI has amassed a substantial  global network of strategic partners that the company  leverages as needed in support of its clients.

Customized Financial Solutions

Financial Solutions for


Corporate officers
and directors


Equity Funds

What this Program Is?

Our financing programs provide fast, low-interest  loans against both non-marginable and marginable,  unrestricted electronic stocks or any other hard  asset that shows up on a Bloomberg Screen.

What Can You Do With The Funds?

Funds can be used for any purpose, including buying  real estate, working capital, paying off toxic debt or  for expansion, opportunities or to use funds for EB-5  like programs to go to other countries.

Global Market Presence

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